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Free Trial Offer
  To qualify for free conversion credits, please send an email to using your company e-mail address.
  • Information about your company
  • Website URL
  • The number of Crystal Reports you eventually want to convert
  • A contact phone number
We will send you the ID and password for your account, preloaded with one or more free conversion credits. After you are satisfied that our service is well worth the price, you can purchase more conversion credits.

  After you have used your Free Conversion Credits, our rates are $45 (US) per report with volume discounts starting at 50 reports.

There is another vendor that will charge you $90 for 'Advanced' conversion and claim they are "... half the cost of (their) competitors".

The truth is that we are more than happy to have you compare our price and our results with theirs. We don't need to hand modify the result so that you can get what they call 'Full' conversion every time.

Payment Methods
  If you are in a hurry you can:
  • Pay directly by credit card and receive your credits immediately after the purchase is authorized (US Credit Cards only).
  • Ask us to send you a PayPal invoice. Your credits are added after we receive payment notification from PayPal (3% surcharge for PayPal & International purchases).

Otherwise we can send an invoice, referencing your purchase order number. You can then pay by check or online bank transfer (ACH).

  We offer prepaid volume discounts starting at 50 reports. Contact for our latest bulk discount rates.

The Crystal Conversions Difference
  You may find other vendors with two or even three tier pricing, from 'basic' conversion to 'advanced' or 'full' conversion. But you'll find that all but the simplest of the examples given have been modified by hand.

We have ALWAYS had the most advanced Crystal/VB language converter. Our principle developer spent years writing compilers, decompilers, interpreters and other award winning products. Our conversion of visual elements makes full use of the power of SSRS Tables and Matrixes (Tablix). We even convert Crystal SQL statements into the correct functions and syntax for your intended database engine.

So while the others return your complicated reports back in a day or a week after hand modifying them (and charging you more), we return them to you IMMEDIATELY. We also include an easy to read log, with side-by-side comparison of the conversion.

We prefer to use our highly skilled consultants working on the things that really matter - and we're sure you do too.

With Crystal Conversions you get FULL report conversion for the same price all the time. This is the Crystal Conversions Difference.

  Contact for email support.
If we receive an email from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8AM and 6PM Pacific Time (i.e. California USA) you can expect a response from one of our consultants within a few hours, often within minutes.

Existing customers can schedule a consultation by phone, however we do not offer free unscheduled phone support.

  We can assist during your conversion project with expert consulting, whether it’s simply testing and comparing the SSRS output against the Crystal Report output, or to rationalize and tune database and report logic.

We will test and modify your RDL reports so that you are 100% satisfied with the result.

We also provide web and database migration services from Oracle, Sybase etc to SQL Server. Contact for our hourly consulting rates.

We can fully convert your Epicor Crystal Reports into SSRS for Epicor ERP 10, with all of the special requirements needed to have them run out-of-the-box.
We have extensive experience converting Kronos® Workforce Central® reports to SSRS (e.g. Kronos 4 to 6.1, Oracle DB).