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Crystal Conversions has
developed a solution
that converts a Crystal
Report RPT template into
a Microsoft SQL Reporting
Services RDL file.

Why Crystal Conversions?

  Converting a single Crystal report to SSRS/RDL requires days of tedious work by highly skilled individuals. Using our service greatly reduces the amount of time and money needed to convert your Crystal Reports to RDL.

Hundreds of Crystal Reports can be converted in minutes.

  If your employees aren’t experienced with RDL, they can avoid the learning curve of creating new reports from scratch, and start working with reports that are virtually complete and require lesser effort subsequently.

Watch this Video and see how quick and easy it is.


Use the 'full screen' button if this video is too small. Pause and rewind where necessary for more detail.

Near flawless expression conversion.

  Some companies offer a visual approximation of your Crystal Report. But none have the sophisticated language recompiler that takes Crystal expressions (native and VB) and turns them into near flawless RDL VB and SQL statements for multiple database engines.

We also give you an easy to read conversion log that shows you all expressions and the corresponding converted code.

Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) Partner.

  Crystal Conversions was used in Migration Lab Demonstrations at Microsoft's 2011 Tech-Ed Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Many of Microsoft's largest BI Partners have had the opportunity to use Crystal Conversions for their own SSRS Migrations.

Free Trial Conversions.

  Free trial conversions are available to qualifying companies. Go to the Pricing page for more information.